KENRIC provides development services for our own investment properties and for discerning third-party clients under a variety of structures. The combination of our uniquely talented people, project expertise and management process form the foundation of our ability to provide our clients and investors with the highest level of service. KENRIC has the unique ability to execute projects of all sizes and virtually unlimited complexity across multiple property types, including mixed-use environments, corporate headquarters, business and industrial parks, medical and laboratory facilities, manufacturing facilities, hospitality, residential developments and multi-family communities.

Our process, the KENRIC Solutions Toolkit, is a project framework that ensures we meet or exceed a project’s stated goals and objectives. The framework encompasses all the phases of development, including assessment, strategic planning, design, construction management, commissioning and asset management


Management is a strategic component of our goal to create investment value through the development, ownership and operation of remarkable assets. Similar to development, KENRIC provides management for our own investment
properties and for discerning third-party clients. However, KENRIC provides both asset and property management services from the perspective of an owner and not a service provider.

Our desire to develop and acquire quality real estate assets for long-term ownership has led us to create strategies to enhance an asset’s full economic potential. We are keenly focused on maximizing the current value and cash flow of the
asset while insuring that the long-term value and cash flow are not sacrificed. We believe that real estate is dynamic and decisions made today affect tomorrow’svalues.


KENRIC is a data-driven, direct real estate investment platform that employs opportunistic investment strategies in order to generate superior risk adjusted returns. KENRIC focused on quality urban markets. Headquartered in Chicago, the firm unites under one roof a team of executives with senior level government experience in public finance and development with leading real estate private equity professionals. By bringing a diverse set of perspectives (financial, legal, public and private) to challenging situations, Kenric is able to source and structure unique transactions that generate superior risk adjusted returns.